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Using extension .obj Loader


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Hi all,

I'm still beginning on learning how to use babylon js, so for now i just playing a little with babylon playground. 

right now i just make play ground to combine example of using extention .obj loader and function of drag and drop at default babylon playgorund sample. the play ground i make is working (what i mean is the drag & drop is function and the .obj file is loaded) but i found something funny here, how to fix it maybe :

- the ground(camera) can't rotate if i not drag and drop any object before 

- the .obj file why is it so small, is there a way to make it bigger like the example of using .obj loader ?

- when i try to drag the 3D object, the object separate like : when i click and drag "bane" i just drag their 3d feet, body, head or cloth differently, not all full body of the 3D object and it looks quite funny to see it :lol:


I wonder how to fix this.

here my playground : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#HV0EA


thanks alot,


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Hello Delta,
Thank you very much for update my playground, it's solve my two problem :)

but as the other issue about when i drag the 3d, it's not full 3d that got move and dragged but they got separated, is there a way to fix it too...? so when i want to drag its not got separated (full body of batman, penguin or bane) not their legs, head or costum maybe.

i give some screentshot about what i mean 


thanks alot



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Hi wayan :) Welcome to the BJS Forum.

I downloaded your batman figure and took a look at it in Blender (see image below).

As you can see it is made of 7 meshes - so when you click & drag on one of them - it comes apart.

You have the option of taking the object file into a 3D program like Blender and merging the meshes - you end up then with just one mesh.

Problem you then face is that you will now have to clean up the UV maps.

cheers, gryff :)



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A thought on your problem wayan.

Try this with just the Batman obj file:

1. Load the obj file

2. Then in your javascript code :

var Batman = scene.getMeshByName("BatmanTorso");
Batman.isPickable = true;

3. Repeat the procedure for all the other parts except make all these other parts "unpickable" and then parent them to the Batman part, so for example:

var mask = scene.getMeshByName("BatmanMask");
mask.isPickable = false;
mask.parent = Batman;

Hopefully clicking and dragging on the torso will move the whole dude around.

cheers, gryff :)

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