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Found 7 results

  1. I have an animated sequence of .obj files that contain the same mesh (vertices) but in different positions. What is the best way to go about getting this animation into Babylon.js? As this is different to the bone and skeleton system that is explained in examples.
  2. How can i make a .Obj or .Babylon File (without material) from Mesh? any tools or Extension available for that in BABYLONJS?
  3. Hi all, I'm still beginning on learning how to use babylon js, so for now i just playing a little with babylon playground. right now i just make play ground to combine example of using extention .obj loader and function of drag and drop at default babylon playgorund sample. the play ground i make is working (what i mean is the drag & drop is function and the .obj file is loaded) but i found something funny here, how to fix it maybe : - the ground(camera) can't rotate if i not drag and drop any object before - the .obj file why is it so small, is there a way to make it bigger like the example of using .obj loader ? - when i try to drag the 3D object, the object separate like : when i click and drag "bane" i just drag their 3d feet, body, head or cloth differently, not all full body of the 3D object and it looks quite funny to see it I wonder how to fix this. here my playground : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#HV0EA thanks alot, wayan
  4. any one can help me to make PG with this OBJ thanks
  5. Hi! I'm testing now Babylon.js + objFileLoader. http://jsdo.it/cx20/KkUO However, it seems the model of the texture(color) is funny. For some reason it seems to become stripes. There was no problem in the sample of similar Three.js + OBJLoader. (using same .obj file) http://jsdo.it/cx20/yOBb Please tell me whether use of objFileLoader is wrong. Thanks.
  6. Hello, Sorry for my bad English ... Looking for a few days but I can not put a ".obj" file in place of the torus in the example provided here. I would like to replace this animation by another creation made in 3dsmax. ICI Is this possible and is there a tutorial to get to do it alone? I want to get to present a subject like this. http://p3d.in/ or https://sketchfab.com/ For information here is in download files from my example and the file I'd like to put in its place. ICI Good evening and thank you for your help or advice. Stef Bonjour, Désolé pour mon anglais très approximatif Je cherche depuis quelques jours mais je n'arrive pas à mettre un fichier ".obj" à la place du torus dans l'exemple fourni ici. j'aimerai remplacer cette animation par une autre création faite sur 3dsmax. ICI Est-ce possible et existe t'il un tutorial pour arriver à le faire seul ? Je souhaite arriver à présenter un objet comme ici. http://p3d.in/ ou https://sketchfab.com/ Pour information voici en téléchargement les fichiers de mon exemple et le fichier que j'aimerai mettre à la place. ICI Bonne soirée et merci pour votre aide ou vos avis. Stef
  7. Hi friends! I try to export a .obj from Blender to Babylon.js but I'm detecting an error. .obj file => http://www.nicholls.co/canvas/threejs/TommyEnsayoTexturas.OBJ Blender demo => http://www.nicholls.co/canvas/babylon/ PD: With Three.js it works well => http://www.nicholls.co/canvas/threejs/ Any help will be much appreciated and Sorry for my bad english Thanks in advance, Nicholls
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