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I just tested it and in the Resources tab(Dev Tools) only the OGG was loaded even though the WAV was also passed in the array. Didn't thought about checking that earlier. However, I won't risk with using MP3. Not after reading the link provided by AshleyScirra


On 6/11/2014 at 0:58 AM, AshleyScirra said:

Technically, using MP3 makes you liable for a $2500 fee if your game is played over 5000 times. Flash is exempt from this rule but HTML5 is not. MPEG-4 AAC on the other hand plays everywhere MP3 does, is better quality, and does not have a use fee (only the encoders are charged for). A couple of years ago we confirmed all of this with an MP3 licensing representative while developing Construct 2. (It only uses AAC and does not in fact even support playing MP3s.)


You should not touch MP3 with a barge pole.


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