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Game crashes on iOS


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Hello everybody!

We are making a graphics- and sound-rich game with phaser.js. It's a game for children to learn English and other languages. We don't do anything 3d or magical: just showing some sprites, sliding photos, playing sounds, dragging sprites. It's almost ready, but we have two profound bugs. This is a post about bug #1.

The game crashes on iOS. If it's run under the debugger the message is: 'Terminated due to Memory Error'. It happens only on ios builds. All works fine in Chrome and Android.

The builds are made with cordova 6.1.1. Android build uses Crosswalk. iOS build uses default webView.

The crashes are random. It just happens in the course of game. The memory usage tab in XCode shows some relative not high memory pressure: up to 400MB on first load and then anything in range 50-350 MB in the game process. 

We tried to find any leaks and did not found any, at least in Chrome. Looks like our application just uses too much memory? How much can we use and is there any way to decrease this memory pressure? There are tons of full-screen images we use, and we preload them all. And sounds, we also preload them all. Should we implement some mechanisms for manually load and unload images and sounds when they are needed?

Actually, we are looking for some professional help to solve this memory problem on iOS. You can pm me or contact via skype - dmitry.sher or email: [email protected]

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