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IDE with autocomplete for Phaser


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Hi guys, amazing forums you have here.

I have a question on you. What IDE are you using with Phaser that with working javascript autocomplete?
I currently have Brackets, which is a nice tool but I cant seem to get autocomplete working.

My eye is also upon Intel XDK and Atom, but generaly Im just looking for something that will support javascript autocomplete with Phaser. I know that typescript will have a better autocomplete but i want to learn JS first.


Thank you guys in forward.

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I use Aptana Studio 3 but the auto-complete is not working, still it is better than Notepad++. BTW it doesn't have refactor tool, for example the simplest one, to rename a variable in current file but in the whole project as well.

I hear JetBrains - WebStorm is awesome but its a paying software , was it 50 dollar per year? https://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/

IDEs I haven't tried, Netbeans for PHP/JS/HTML5, Eclipse EE for JS/HTML5, Komodo. I have a link with IDE comparison, once I find it I will post it. 

If you want IDE that has all the tools I think there is no free one. 

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I use visual studio community and it's free. Auto-complete is working.

There are already some threads in this forum with some tips to get visual studio working with Phaser, while the majority of these tips is for using typescript you can get it to work with javascript as well.

If you can search in the forum and i'm sure you will find something ;)

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I instaled VS community again after many moons since i last used it(was doing some unity stuff) and WIndows commited suicide. Soo after reinstall i think I'll settle down with NetBeans, the autocomplete worked there. Thnak you guys for suggestions.

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Since you say you're lerning JS, I want to let you know that nothing will have perfect autocomplete for javascript due to the way the language works. Since it's a weakly typed language sometimes there's no way to know what's inside an object until runtime(and that may even change serveral times during execution). 

Some editors include ternjs which tries to get as much autocomplete info as possible but I'm using sublime 3 with no autocomplete plugin and phaser.io/learn/chains open on a browser tab and I've managed just fine. 

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