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Resize a texture in a sprite


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In my project, I created a sprite using a "default" texture, then later I'd like to replace the texture by another one but this one could have a different size than the default, so I need a way to resize the texture. Could you tell me the way to do it?


I create my new texture using PIXI.Texture.fromImage and then I switch the texture with setTexture

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This function doesn't seem to be fired when I update the texture...

/** * When the texture is updated, this event will fire to update the scale and frame */PIXI.Sprite.prototype.onTextureUpdate

Ok, I see the sprite listens the update event of the texture, but if I change the texture with setTexture, it will never listen the events from the new texture...

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Ok, I resolved this by manually listening to the update event

var that = this,    texture = PIXI.Texture.fromImage(imageUrl, true);var textureUpdated = function () {    texture.off('update', textureUpdated);    // rescale the image    that.mSprite.onTextureUpdate(); };texture.on( 'update', textureUpdated);this.mSprite.setTexture(texture);

In my case, I won't exactly use onTextureUpdate as I need to keep the ratio of the image when I scale it. But I think the lib should already do that by default when we change the texture.

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