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Check animation frames / when finished


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In one of the project I am working on. an animation is played when a sprite is colliding and the animation stops when the sprite exits collision. All I want to do is to check when the animation has reached the end (before is loops round again), or a simple method to check which frame an animation is on so I can check if it is on the last frame. So in other words, how you check which frame a sprite is on during an animation, or is there a way to check when a sprite has finished the animation before looping.



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Use the above suggestion to get the current frame, but you can also use these sprite events too:



why doesn't work it ?

player.animations.add('run')player.animations.play('run', 12, false, true);	    player.animations.onAnimationComplete.add(function(){			console.log("complete")		}, this);
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How do I chain sprite atlas animations? Example


this.game.load.atlasJSONArray('male', src + '/male.png', src + '/male.json');



this.male.animations.add('arrival', Phaser.Math.numberArray(0, 79));
this.male.animations.add('dustoff', Phaser.Math.numberArray(80, 144));
this.male.animations.add('scratch', Phaser.Math.numberArray(145, 189));
this.male.animations.add('tap', Phaser.Math.numberArray(190, 249));
I want to play arrival, and after complete, play dustoff... etc.etc
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Sorry to resurrect an old thread.
Using the below, how can I get the name of the animation that finished playing? I have multiple animations on a sprite and only want to do some behaviour with one of those animations and this event triggers for all of them.
this.spr.events.onAnimationComplete.add(function() {    console.log('animation complete');    if (is_walk_animation) { ... } }, this);


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