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Target camera animation


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I want to make a target camera since 3d software with a aim constraint between camera and is target and animate .

This camera rig is better for me to animate because i do not have to animate the rotations.

To do this i use scene register before render like this:


Do you know if he would have a better solution.


Thanks ;)

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Hi @Xav

   I'm not exactly sure what you ask, but perhaps camera.lockedTarget  (line 11 in below demo) would work?


Babylon.js also has a followCamera (free and arcRotate versions), but I'm not sure if that would help.  Standard free followCamera is lightly documented in our camera tutorial

ArcRotate followCamera is... umm... undocumented?  Died?  Not sure.  I can't find it anymore.

Hope this helps.  If not, perhaps re-explain what you wish.  I don't read very well, and I get confused easily. (As a baby, I was a climber, and fell on my head often).  :)

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