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Vote for us! :)


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Hi beloved community :),

 If you think our framework is cool, don't hesitate to vote for us here: http://www.slant.co/topics/3777/compare/~playcanvas_vs_babylon-js_vs_three-js and suggest also some PRO (and CON to be fair ;-)) here: http://www.slant.co/topics/3777/viewpoints/4/~open-source-javascript-3d-engines~babylon-js#pros

 You can also vote for others (PlayCanvas is definitely cool also) if you'd like. 



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Just for your information, dear Babylonian :


This forum is hosted by Rich Davey who is the creator of Phaser, one of the most popular HTML5  2D game framework. Phaser is really successful and its community meets essentially on the Phaser forum, just beside the BJS one. We can consider it as a good standard of notoriety and activity because it's older than BJS, really well famous and established in the 2D game world.

That said, I measured the forum activity last year at the same month : the BJS forum had at this time less than half the Phaser posts.

This year in june, we reached almost 75% of the Phaser posts (probably thanks to Wingy, our talkative great post author ;) )  : http://www.html5gamedevs.com/forum/13-frameworks/

This reveals the growth of our community's vitality imho. Let's go on this way :)

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  • 2 months later...

Yay competing!  err... ahem.

Here's a thought.  The more forum questions, the worse the docs?

I like climbing aboard bandwagons and marching in "look at us go" hoopla parades, too... but, you know.  Are we putting frosting and sprinkles on a potato? 

I'd love to see our non-Q&A sub-forums explode, but, that's not what's happening.  Sometimes, I think fast and thorough Q&A replies... actually hurt us, because users start getting a dependency-upon "ask first, search for answers - never".  *shrug*  Aren't I cheery?!  heh.

I remember VRML.  We had a pretty fine VRML excitement and following 25 years ago, and then 3D for web DIED for 15 years.

Why did it die?  Too technical for average computer user.  Not enough quality editors.  Bad exporters for those who DID have editors.  Not enough speed/power to write quality games/apps with.  The very same problems we face today.

This is why I avoid "yay, our framework" and prefer "yay, all frameworks" and "yay, html 5"... no matter who and what is vying to be "your one stop for fun".  Competition among people who are actually all on the same team, is just like cross-department billing for money and hours within a single company.  All-on-the-same-team killer.

Ask yourself here... how do you feel towards Mr. Doob, AlteredQualia, Stemkoski?  Enemies or friends?  Voting/competing... some say it's human nature.  I'm not so sure.  Maybe it's learned behavior, instead.

Let's pray that security concerns don't take all the power out of webGL, like it took the power out of XmlHttpRequest obj.  I guess... once a person sees the death of a big excitement (VRML and XHR), a person doesn't trust leaning-on anything, anymore.   This attitude is probably worse... for those who have had a spouse/lover... leave unexpectedly.  It hasn't happened to me, except when VRML and XHR left.  :)  I have lived this chapter of computer history... before.  Web-based things are subject to being hacked.  The de-powering of XHR... killed-dead... a 7 year project of mine.  Be prepared to have your world killed by a hacker... even now.  Nothing has changed.  Having your leaning-table... pulled out from under you... after 7 years of leaning on it... will make you never want to do a large project ever again.  Been there.  Still there.

Ok, that's enough party pooper talk.  Yay BJS!  :)  Yay HTML5 too, though.  Go vote, if that's what you're all about.

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it's not about competing for me, but rather about measuring our vitality.

Phaser is an excellent standard to measure ourselves : famous, well-established, open-sourced, etc. And its community lives and evolves in this same forum (centralized community ... contrary to 3JS).

So it gives a good indication about how we grow and we live, compared to a notorious similar product.

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What will you use the findings of the measurement... for?  What is the purpose of the measuring?  If you had this "good indication", what use does it serve?  Is this comparing... a good use of hours and thought? 

And the original question... IF we win some "most active forum" competition, does that mean our docs suck?  :o  Time spent comparing... perhaps better used for docs improvements?  Do we plan on painting-up the results of the competition... into a pretty package... and then patting ourselves on the back for it?  Positive strokes and all that?  Are we laying tits-up, or balls-to-the-wind... on the dirt, begging for belly scratching, like a gas station dog?  :D

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Ya know, some of this... is based upon the widespread inferiority complexes seen in humankind.  "Where do I stand?  How am I doing?  Am I measuring-up?"  Gauge-watching.  I think it has been determined that folks with inferiority issues/thoughts... watch their "how am I doing" gauges... more carefully... than those who care nothing about what others think or where they stand.  They forge ahead with reckless abandon, often trampling things and hurting feelings along the way.  No time for tact... got a trail to explore.  :)

In the Big Bang Theory TV show, both Leonard's mother, and Sheldon... have asked Penny... "Do you determine your self-worth... based-upon what others think of you?"  (or similar)

Many of us do that, I suspect.  Or we base it upon... a measurement.  An indicator.  It is dependent-upon how dependent-upon you are, personality-wise.  :D 

And... it is related-to... competing.  But maybe... it is competing against a "benchmark".  A comparison of where we are, to where we want to be.  Others might say "I don't care where I am or where I'll end-up.  I'm going in THAT direction, no time for measuring or comparing."

I dunno.  Human psychology is weird.  I'm not the best at deciphering it.  (Like anyone asked for an analysis of the human mind, eh?  Geez Wingy!)  :)

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