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Define matrices directly instead of computing them


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I know that the worldMatrix and projectionMatrix are computed from other properties (like position/rotation/rotationQuaternion/scaling for worldMatrix and fieldOfView/ZNear/ZFar for projectionMatrix). I would like to know if I can proceed the inverse way. I mean I want to set these 2 matrices and automatically update the other properties which depend on it.

Thanks for your help,

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to set the matrix for a mesh i use this typescript function:

public static setMatrix(pMesh: BABYLON.AbstractMesh, pMatrix: BABYLON.Matrix): boolean 
    let tPos = BABYLON.Vector3.Zero();
    let tRot = new BABYLON.Quaternion();
    let tScale = new BABYLON.Vector3(1, 1, 1);
    if (pMatrix.decompose(tScale, tRot, tPos)) {
        pMesh.position = tPos;
        pMesh.rotationQuaternion = tRot;
        pMesh.scaling = tScale;
        return (true);
    return (false);


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I know this possibility to set the worldMatrix but in this case I lost informations : 

  1. I have the matrix to set A
  2. I compute the the scaling, rotation, position from A thanks to decompose
  3. I get a new matrix B but  B is similar to A but not exactly the same.

I found a solution for this case :

  1. Define a parent mesh that I call handler
  2. Use handler.setPivotMatrix(A)

The visual result is exactly the same as if I had set A to the worldMatrix of the mesh I want to move but I can't find this kind of solution to set the projectionMatrix of a camera. I can retrieve fov/znear/zfar/aspectRatio from the original matrix, then set these values to the corresponding properties of the camera but then the projection matrix is still different of the original.

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