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Found 5 results

  1. I want to set the _worldMatrix directly instead of calling computeWorldMatrix from position/scale/rotation. (For performance issue) But the _worldMatrix will be updated when the rendering system calls computeWorldMatrix internally. So, I have to use below code to prevent computeWorldMatrix. But I am not sure If this is the correct way. Thanks.
  2. Hello In some cases, its more efficient to compute models in real time, rather then download the provided geometry in a babylon file. I want to create markers in my room, terrain ...and replace this specific spots with something like a trees currently i have to create a separate mesh as marker, it would save some space, if i could simply define a marker as a different material Thank you all very much, whoever wants to contribute The playground http://babylonjs-playground.com/#22TZPO#1
  3. I need to scale a mesh along global axis. The mesh.scaling attribute refers to mesh local axis so it's useless to me. I managed to scale the mesh through the direct manipulation of the worldMatrix, but when i rotate the mesh the worldMatrix is reset to its original values and scaling and position data is lost. I also tried to call the bakeCurrentTransformIntoVertices() function after scaling the mesh, but the mesh loses its position and gets other unwanted behaviours. I'd like to avoid the trick of parenting the mesh and scale the parent instead of the mesh. Is there a way to scale a mesh along a global axis?
  4. Hi, I know that the worldMatrix and projectionMatrix are computed from other properties (like position/rotation/rotationQuaternion/scaling for worldMatrix and fieldOfView/ZNear/ZFar for projectionMatrix). I would like to know if I can proceed the inverse way. I mean I want to set these 2 matrices and automatically update the other properties which depend on it. Thanks for your help,
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a new user of babylon.js and i'm trying to understand what the [meshe].getWorldMatrix() and the [scene].getTransformMatrix() matrix are representing. What is a WorldMatrix ? when I try to recuperate the world matrix of a picked mesh, I obtain a 4*4 matrix with the Identity Matrix for 3*3 Submatrix at the top left, and with the 3D position at the 4th line and I don't understand why it is like that. And concretely, how the 'Project' function is running ? I have good knowledge in algebra but I have trouble with the documentation. Thanks !
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