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Right now we are looking for artists in Spain, UK, Germany and France, as well as the East Coast USA.


Are you passionate about drawing?

Would you like to create your own mobile games?


About Us


TutoTOONS is an international start­up, providing a free drag and drop mobile game builder.

We help artists create, publish and sell their games on the iOS App Store, Google Play and Amazon.


The company was founded at the beginning of 2014 and has head offices in Spain and Lithuania. We’ve reached over 100 million game downloads and have 1.5 million daily active players.


We train artists who have an interest or a passion for mobile games to produce their own games which will have access to millions of potential users.


Your Tasks

Collaborating with Tutotoons includes:


  • ●  Producing storyboards and concept art for characters and environments.

  • ●  Making game ads, icons and other images for game advertising.

  • ●  Working with the TutoTOONS game builder to create mobile games.

  • ●  Developing game concepts and defining game monetization.

  • ●  Creating character and environment animations in the TutoTOONS game builder or Adobe Flash.

  • ●  Testing the usability of your game.


Required Skills


  • ●  Excellent illustration and concept art skills

  • ●  Artistic understanding and imagination.

  • ●  Motivation to learn about mobile game production.

  • ●  Able to communicate in English (written and spoken).

  • ●  Flash animation would be a great advantage.

  • ●  Great skills in the use of Adobe CS package to produce digital artwork.


We offer you:


  • ●  Training on how to produce awesome mobile games for kids using our game builder.

  • ●  Working remotely with our game designers.

  • ●  Create your own games that can be played by millions of kids worldwide.

  • ●  Being part of a fast growing community of creative people.

  • ●  Implementing your own ideas and creativity.

  • ●  Getting feedback on your game concept & graphics from experienced game designers.

  • ●  Opportunity to create and publish your own games into Google Play, Apple store and Amazon app store.


  • If you are interested, please send your portfolio to [email protected] with the reference GA­USA.

  • TutoTOONS Team


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I'm confused as to the payment you are offering in this position, is there any compensation for the artwork that is being done for you? Or are you taking the artwork provided from the artists, using your programmers and publishing the game under your brand name? Can you go into a little more detail about this?

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