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*.d.ts not found (CASTORGUI)

Ingo Chou

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I could quickly learn I guess, but let's say I'm not motivated to learn a new programming language.

Maybe someday, but not now.

But if you are good with tapuscript, you can contribute to this library GUI. it is open source and you are welcome.

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declare module CASTORGUI{
    class GUIButton  {
        constructor(id: string, options: {}, guimanager : GUIManager, callback : () => void, append?: boolean);
        public addElement(append, element) : void;
        public dispose() : boolean;  // not sure what return type is
        public setVisible(bool : boolean, fade?: boolean) : void;
        public isVisible() : boolean;
    class GUICheckbox{}
    class GUIColor{}
    class DataBase{}
    class GUIDialog{}
    class GUIFieldset{}
    class GUIGroup{}
    class GUILabel{}
    class GUIManager{}
    class GUIMeter{}
    class GUIPanel{}
    class GUIProgress{}
    class GUIRadio{}
    class GUISelect{}
    class GUISlider{}
    class GUISpinner{}
    class GUIText{}
    class GUITextarea{}
    class GUITextfield{}
    class GUITexture{}
    class GUIWindow{}
    // functions from draggableGUI.js
    export function addEventListener(element, eventName, handler) : void;

Just start filling this in.

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