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Scaling down big images quality


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I have a trouble when scaling down big assets. I just have a stage contains some sprite and i'm doing:
stage.scale.x = stage.scale.y = 0.2;


As a result I have an ugly ragged image. I found a solutions for a simple canvas drawing without pixi


from here



Can I achive the same smooth effect after rescaling in PIXI?


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PIXI works through two contexts: 2d and webgl. WebGL cant resize images properly, unless you enable mipmapping.

Condition for mipmapping : your images must have power-of-two width and height (1024x512 or something like that)

Put "texture.baseTexture.mipmap = true;" just after you load the texture. In pixi-v4 its not required, it is set by default.

You can also use your method for scale with "var tex = PIXI.Texture.fromCanvas(myCanvas);"

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