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Advice on teaching HTML5 Game Dev


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Ive recently started private tutoring to a smart local kid. We are tackling game dev specifically html 5 and are working on a simple side scroller. 

I have limited knowledge of HTML 5 so I have ordered 'html5 game dev for dummies'. 

Just wandering if anyone could give me some pointers on other books to get started.

Bear in mind the games we want to make are super simple.



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I've taught basic game design and development to a 13 years old girl this summer, using construct 2. Diving into pure code was far too rough for her, and basic concepts were already quite a bit to chew (variables, conditions, loops and functions).

At least with a simple and visual dev environment like construct, the projects she made felt rewarding for her. I wouldn't go head first into pure code with a kid, and it might be even more difficult if you don't know JS very well yourself.




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I would recommend ImpactJS (99 USD), because


- it has a level editor ( to let your student design the levels )

- it has a complete platformer example in the downloads section (upon purchase). Or check this out: http://impactjs.com/demos/jumpnrun/


Requires some understanding of Javascript, but the tutorials are quite good.


If you would like a free game engine, I would recommend Phaser, or enchantJS.


For a non-programming approach, I would highly recommend Construct2.

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