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Bitmap on mobile / Lighting effects


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Hi everyone,

I am making an app with Phaser and the Intel XDK. I tried to implement some simple lighting and found a simple example online. As a reference: 


It works as expected on desktop, it also works in the mobile browser, but the shadow overlay does not show, if I compile it as an app.

Is bitmap not working well on mobile phones?

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I'm not really too sure how Intel packages html and stuff for mobile platforms, but, I'm assuming it uses a webview and whatever canvas implementation comes with that webview? If so, check which browser it uses for the webview and check compatibility with canvas and what features that canvas implements, normally I'd assume its Safari for Apple stuff and Chrome for Android stuff but rarely is it exactly the same, and different flavours of Android further complicate things by having different (or even custom) versions of what is basically Chrome (things may have changes in this regard recently, I'm far from an expert on this). I imagine there are some docs about the XDK about this, doesn't sound like you're doing something too far out.

I've had issues with webviews on iDevices way back when, not quite working the same as regular ole Safari. I think the theory went that Apple is not a huge fan of the mobile platform, and so Safari actually has a few switches in it that allow for faster JS execution etc etc but the version of Safari in webviews has no such augmentations, possibly to discourage the use of web technologies within apps, they really want you writing native apps rather than shells for web tech.

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