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c4d pose morph


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How would one go about translating C4D Animation's in the form of pose morph (like you would do to animate facial features) into something babylon can interpolate?question.jpg


Ive seen this but it seems to not cover what I need...

I want a variable that I can control that would act like a slider would in my 3d program.

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Hiya @Pryme8, good to see you again!  Sorry for the slow replies.  Umm... possibly this is a job for Blender "Shape Keys".

Yes, you might have to figure your own way to import C4D into Blender, first.  But I think Blender Shape Keys have AT LEAST been mentioned in the @gryff / @JCPalmer areas of BJS-land.  Dunno its current status.  I really just wanted to bump the thread.  Hope you're well.  Hope smarter people than I... comment soon.  :)  

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@Pryme8 and @Wingnut: Is this the kind of thing you are looking for test scene

This is @JCPalmer 's work. I am following what he is doing - you can find it on this thread. It involves using Jeff's TOB exporter from Blender.

As for Wingy's suggestion of going from C4D to Blender while keeping the "Pose Morphs" my guess is that is not going to be easy:unsure:. One person/group writes an exporter and another person/group writes an importer - they don't always see things in the same way. You might try the .fbx or .dae (collada) format - but no guarantees. If you can export from C4D to Unity successfully, can you then export from Unity to .babylon ?

I requested "shapekeys", as part of the mainstream BJS, over two years ago as I had been using them in Unity. The response was "wait for BJS 1.4" ...

cheers, gryff :)



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I was thinking take the base model, and then export it in its basic form.

Then export all the extremes of all the sliders, then do simple animation blending in between all of them?

I would basically be blend morphing to different objects with weight values.  Does that sound like it would work?

The idea behind this is to make a simple character generator, for player model editing in game.

@gryff that example may be just what I need.

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