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Problems with Pixi on IE9


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Well I know getting things to work on older versions of IE are not the highest priority... however- I chose pixi for some client work and of course they are having problems seeing it on IE9/Windows 7


I believe the problem is due to pixi using Object.defineProperty() which IE9 should be able to handle... but doesn't always.


There's a lot out there about getting the browser into IE9 standards mode (or something) - but every combination of tags and doctypes I use only seem to fix the problem, only to have it broken the next time we open the browser.


Using F12 developer tools to change the browser mode can fix it, but of course the end user won't be expected to do that.


The start of my html looks like this:


<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>My Project</title>
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge">
    <meta charset="utf-8">

Tried removing the IE=Edge meta tag but it gives me 'random' success. I'm basically ready to give up and convert to EaselJS which won't take me too long, but I'm still curious about this.


Thanks for any clues!


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I don't use the IE=Edge thing and I have no issue with IE9...

But still, I patched modified Pixi to not use Object.defineProperty so it might be the reason ^^ I never tried it with it before that, but as xerver said, you can try to use a polyfill if you're sure that's the reason of your problems.

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Object.defineProperty works fine in IE9, I'd wager the issue is with your doctype forcing it to fall into an unsupported mode. If you are telling it to use IE=Edge then you're basically saying only support the latest version of IE. IE9 will see this and fall into Quirks mode. This should help explain further:



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Ah yes, that old chestnut! Here, this might help in the future :)

(function() {    var consoleDisabled = false;    if (consoleDisabled) {        window.console = undefined;    }    if (window.console === undefined) {        window.console = {            debug: function() {                return true;            },            info: function() {                return false;            },            warn: function() {                return false;            },            log: function() {                return false;            }        }    }    debug = (function(args) {        window.console.debug(args);    });    info = (function(args) {        window.console.info(args);    });    warn = (function(args) {        window.console.warn(args);    });    log = (function(args) {        window.console.log(args);    });})();
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