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Speaking of special effects Warp


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Hi CB!  I might be able to get you started in the right direction.  Check out the warping (defraction?) that happens when using the BJS waterMaterial...


Perhaps, apply that material to a torus around the gun muzzle.  Then scale-up fast and set position (moving away from gun) after the gun fires.  Then drop its .visibility after the torus scale-up/move-out. 

You'll want it to happen fast, so the user's brain can't register what just happened.  :)  I think they called these effects... "layered effects".  No single effect process can do it.  It takes multiple effects happening simultaneously.  It might take some blur.  It might take some particles with customStartPosition and customUpdate funcs, also.  It might take animating/sweeping the properties of the waterMaterial... like wave heights and lengths and colors. Are you going to do testings?  DO show us your results, if you please.

Your question is quite vague.  Can BJS do it?   Probably.  Will it be exactly the same?  Probably not.  Could BJS actually do it better and easier than this video does it?   Perhaps.  Has anyone ever tried to recreate that effect with BJS (shaders / proceduralTextures / postProcess)?  I doubt it.  Not so many people responding, so far.

See, there's a pretty good chance that nobody on the forum KNOWS if that effect can be recreated in webGL.

And I understand that you probably wanted to have some conversations about this effect, but, unfortunately, we don't have a sub-forum here called "let's gather around a campfire and talk about this".  So, you are forced to put the discussion starter in a vague question format, and therefore... Q & A forum threads get longer and more talkie than some folks want them.  I love to talk about effects and challenges, but forum-helpers who want to quickly scan through the Q & A forum and find 1-line questions that require 1-line answers... they are not so happy with the yappy.  :D

I invite you to The Wingnut Chronicles thread, if you wish.  It is an area that I put my flag-upon, and I have it surrounded by land mines in case forum police try to creep-up.  heh.  You can talk about anything in there, and as much as you like.  Pro coders and idea people still come visit and help us, there.  The Wingnut Chronicles has sort-of become the defacto place to rattle-on about anything, as much as you like.  But we can keep yapping here, too.  The hurry-hurry people will get over it.  :) 

Hope this helps.  I hope you make some test demos... I'd like to see them.  I'm going to ping @Stvsynrj, too, because he is a pro demo maker, and does demo-parties and conventions.  The guy knows effects.  Perhaps he will visit and give us some think-time.  Talk soon, somewhere.

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