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Canvas2D clipping


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I was asking on twitter about this (@nockawa was in the loop).

The issue is that when rendering a "list view" sometimes the "edge" elements must be clipped inside a sort of "viewport".

There was a suggestion that the group caching bitmap could in practice implement the clipping (because anything outside of the bitmap would not be drawn), but I don't know how to trigger this behavior.

Or maybe there are better ways to do this :-)


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Hi @mmassi, welcome to the forum.  Excellent topic.  This is early Canvas2D "widget-making" at its finest.  I don't have any answers.  I just got excited and needed to blabber.  :)

Umm, this is related to the "overflow" stylerule in CSS, yes?  Me thinks so.  The "box model" (a smattering of applause is heard in the distant).

Back when I was working with XUL a bit, I found that providing a font-size adjuster for listview items... helped things.  Naturally, when the length/width of list got too large, clipping activated, and the scrollbars appeared.  I suppose columns will be a future hassle, too.

Anyway, I'll shut up, now, and let you and @Nockawa (and others) talk about the clipping needed for overflows.  Cool subject.  Welcome again.

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I have been reading the Group2D sources and experimenting in the playground (here: "http://babylonjs-playground.com/#CMZLC#8").

This is what I think I understood about how the group renders (please @Nockawa confirm if this is true):

  • The size of the group can be automatically computed so that its children fit, or it can be set with the size property; in this case the code seems to always use the provided size.
  • It has a "viewport" concept, and it sets the viewport on the "engine" it uses for rendering. The size of the viewport is the group size (which, as noted above, can be set manually).
  • If the group is cached it renders into an area reserved from a MapTexture, again the size of the area is the size of the group.

At this point I was hoping to be able to trigger clipping simply setting the group size and enabling caching.

This did not work:

  • Without caching the "viewport" is never set
  • For some reason I could not enable caching: group.cachedRect is always null no matter what values I give to canvas.cachingStrategy and group.cacheBehavior
  • If I set cachingStrategy: BABYLON.Canvas2D.CACHESTRATEGY_ALLGROUPS I get to rendering at all...

What am I doing wrong?

BTW, ultimately I'd need a world-positioned canvas, and from the docs it seems that the only caching strategy for a WorldSpaceCanvas2D is the "cache to canvas" one, which, if I understood correctly, does not cache individual groups.

Does this make clipping groups impossible in such a canvas?

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