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Problem with loading tilemap


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Okay, I got it working, here is what I've found:

- You have to remove the 'game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'Tiles');' line 21, because it is showing on the screen your tileset and it makes no sense
- Line 34 you are trying to load a layer that doesn't exist, the only layer in your json file is called 'Main', and not 'World1'
- Moreover, your layer 'Main', has the same name as the map itself 'Main', what you should do is to rename your map "MainMap" for example (only change the name line 13 and line 29) and rename the layer "MainLayer" (don't forget to change the name in your Tile Editor AND line 34)
- Last thing, your map is saved with a base64 format, but what you need to do is to saved it in a CSV format. This way, it can be read by Phaser.

Now it's working fine :)

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