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Replacing Materials Geometry Through A Mesh


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In some cases, its more efficient to compute models in real time, rather then download the provided geometry in a babylon file. 

I want to create markers in my room, terrain ...and replace this specific spots with something like a trees
currently i have to create a separate mesh as marker, it would save some space, if i could simply define a marker as a different material 


Thank you all very much, whoever wants to contribute

The playground



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Hi @Nabroski  First off, I want to say SUPER THANKS for all the helping you do for the forum users.  Nice work!

Have you looked at "decals" in Blender?  Are you using Blender?

Problem is... decals might use more bytes than mesh.  And I don't even know if they export, because they are a Cycles thing, whatever that means.

What I would do is... use planes with unique names.  Names like "marker_tree" and "marker_bush".  And, each of these planes would be scaled 1x1... IF the tree or bush needs to be scaled 1, 1, 1.  If it needs a bigger tree, scale the marker plane 2x2.  Or 3x3.  After import into BJS, iterate thru scene.meshes, gathering all the mesh whose name begins with "marker", and then process each marker and its scaling... and change your markers into whatever they need to be changed-into, also taking the marker's scaling into consideration.

Just some ideas - likely poor ones.  I hope I am on-topic and that this gives you some ideas.  Surely, more ideas will come soon, from smarter people than I.  :)

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