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How to start, obligatgory games first?


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So here I am, reading a bunch of stuff about how to make  and market HTML5 games. Yet, I'm not sure  where to begin, especially since people say your first few games should be "throw away" games" that will probably be so bad, it's not worth wondering who will want to play or license them. Should I just go down the list, and make one of each genre, like a Match-3 game, then a Tower Defense, then a Hidden Object, etc, until things start to naturally fall in place?  Or, should I pick some new idea that i have, and try to do that first?

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Going down the genre list is a solid idea (if it will sustain your enthusiasm) - but be mindful that core-game development may represent only ~30% of the workload on an original game, and probably less again on a genre game.  Spending time on the surrounding tasks and skills is where the hard / valuable lessons happen - i.e. the ones that don't have tutorials!  Therefore I'd recommend publishing everything made.  Good luck!

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