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Postprocesses breaking layer masks


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Hi, developers! I have one problem with using postprocesses on cameras with layer masks. 

My scene contain two cameras with different layer masks, i push them all in active cameras to blend them. For this moment all is good and i have this picture (https://yadi.sk/i/rlKH9yIpuUeWM).

Planet are attached to layer with ortho camera, background are attached to the free camera.

When i use VolumetricLightScatteringPostProcess (or LensRenderingPipeline) on the ortho camera i get black background (https://yadi.sk/i/tTG9UbaMuUeww), seems like cameras are not blending.

Can you told me its a bug, or i doing something wrong?

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22 minutes ago, Sebavan said:


Could you create a playground for it ?

I would like to help addressing his issue.

On the following sample I have 2 cam with layer and separate pp per cam and it seems to be ok.



Thanx for answer, friend! Can you try this with one orthographic camera. And i will try to create a playground primer. 


Your code is amazing, thx for example, pls dont remove him). I see you use render targets and layers, and your code much more complex then my ^_^.

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