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Animation does not work


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Hi guys,

I have a little problem with my character animations. My player can go into different directions. The movement is based on a body.velocity change. I want to play a different animation based on the direction my player is heading. I use a simple switch statement in which I call 

    playee.animations.add(texture, null, 30, true);

While the texture changes and loads the first frame of my spritesheet, the animation does not play until the velocity is at 0 again. So while the player is moving nothing plays.

Any one any ideas what is going on?

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You might need to show a bit more, but I have one wild guess:

If you are constantly checking for the direction/velocity of the character that switch will constantly be triggered as well. As long as the character is moving in one direction this will keep loading and starting the animation. Because this is repeated nonstop it can only show the first sprite of the animation before the next animation is started over and over. If this is the case you can simply build in a check that it can only activate the animation once for each time you switch direction.

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Yes, it looks like you want something more like:

// Create:
playee.animations.add('left',  null, 30, true);
playee.animations.add('right', null, 30, true);

// Update:
switch (true) {
    case (velocity.x > 0) : animations.play('right'); break;
    case (velocity.x < 0) : animations.play('left') ; break;
    default               : animations.play('idle') ;

See http://phaser.io/examples/v2/arcade-physics/platformer-basics . It will be simpler if you can combine all your animations into a single texture (spritesheet).

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