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Repeating/tiling a texture from a texture atlas


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How impossible would it be for the standard shader (or a fork of it?) to make it possible to repeat or tile a given section of a texture, as for example a sprite taken from a texture atlas?

In other words, start with something like this example scene. I've assigned a texture to a mesh, and set the uv scale/offset to display a single sprite out of the sheet. What I'd like to do is to further modify this, so that particular sprite repeats several times across the geometry.

Notionally, I think this would mean something along these lines:

texture.localUScale = 2
texture.localVScale = 5

and then sprite defined by the current scale/offset would then tile 2 times horizontally and 5 times vertically. Note that this is not what would happen if I changed the existing scale/offset properties - that would make several different sprites appear, instead of the same one repeated.

Currently I think this is impossible without editing the texture or the mesh geometry. Is this something that could feasibly be supported?

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Boy, its late, but I have an idea.  Let's pretend... your objective... is a dynamicTexture.  It can tile easily just like the grass in the PG's materials demo.


Notice the 3rd usage:  drawImage(image, sx, sy, sw, sh, dx, dy, dw, dh)

This is a cropper, that works with context2D canvai.  Here's an ad-infested web site that talks about it.  http://www.html5canvastutorials.com/tutorials/html5-canvas-image-crop/

Babylon dynamicTextures... are canvas-based things.  You could make a new canvas, crop-out the sprite from the sprite atlas, buffer it up, (and paint it on a new canvas if you wish), and then make a dynamicTexture from that cropping/buffer data.  Then use it like any other texture. 

I don't know exactly how to use the cropped-image (its buffer)... AS a dynamicTexture, though.

Okay, that was my idea.  I think it will work.  I use it to steal VIP signatures from scanned documents... for fun and profit.  ;)  Be well, party on!

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Thanks for the reply Wingy. I know that this can be done by editing the texture, but as I understand it that would remove the benefits of using an atlas in the first place (being able to render multiple meshes without re-binding the texture).

So my question here is whether it can be done with a texture from an texture atlas. Any further ideas appreciated!

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2 hours ago, NasimiAsl said:

hi you say in Standard material can you change it to Shader Material :)

Hi. Do you mean what I'm asking about would be possible with a custom shader? 


2 hours ago, jerome said:

What is the type of the mesh concerned ?

I'm not using any of the default types, I'm constructing various arbitrary shapes dynamically. So I think that would be a useful feature, but it wouldn't affect what I'm doing.

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16 hours ago, fenomas said:

Hi. Do you mean what I'm asking about would be possible with a custom shader?  

yes you can do it in custom shader  ( and standard material too with add special uv  and make that)

vec2 newUV = vec2( mod(  uv.x*AreaWidth ,1.0)/AreaWidth +AreaLeft/TextureWidth , mod(  uv.y*AreaHeight ,1.0)/AreaHeight +AreaTop/TextureHeight );


just have little problem in texture border i am work for solve that


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hi again :) border problem can be fix if you use the special tiled pic  


like this if you look that pic you see 4 tiled pic and we can get borders color from center of area 



if you think that can be solve that problem tell me i refactor code and make that for general textureAtlas



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Wow, that looks awesome! Though I don't really understand any of it :)  I guess the "ShaderBuilder" bit is taking some basic shader and adding extra logic to it, right? I've never touched custom shaders before.

As for the edges, I found this article discussing the topic. Perhaps what he says about mip-mapping is the issue?

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  • 3 weeks later...

@NasimiAsl that would be really great. I think maybe I can hack on it and find a solution, but I don't know how to go about using a custom shader in BJS, or how to pass in extra texture properties, and where in the shader to use them, etc.

Also, about the edge issue, can you say a few more words about what the issue is? Do you think it's the same issue as in the article I linked (i.e. caused by mipmapping), or something different?

In my case I am building my own texture atlas dynamically, so I can structure it however it needs to be. But I don't quite follow what the problem was and why the atlas you posted works around it.

Thanks for your help!

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