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Working on SubdivisionZ on GroundMesh


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Right now if you create a rectangular ground mesh, you get rectangular quads:


This isn't ideal when deforming the mesh, so I decided add an option for subdivisionX and subdivisionZ on GroundMesh:


I got it working with sides here:


I haven't tested _getFacetAt, _initHeightQuads, or _computeHeightQuads yet, so they probably aren't working properly.


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welcome in TS hell :P

Well, the best way I found not to have TS conflicts (nor github ones) is this one :

use the TS version installed by the task "install" provided with BJS in Babylonjs/Tools/Gulp  :  (as root/admin) npm install

this will install the right ts version, compiler, with gulp etc

then to compile and build BJS : gulp typescript


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I originally was going to call the new options:  subdivisionX, subdivisionZ, but then I changed my mind after seeing that in Blender it is subdivisionX, subdivisionY.  

Today I'm second guessing myself.  Maybe my original thought of subdivisionX, subdivisionZ makes more sense.  

Although, when you create a ground mesh there is an option for height and no depth, which sort of fits with subdivisionY.  :/


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