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How to use the Hill Valley scene commercially?


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@Pryme8 I'm currently developing a 3D game, and I need a 3D scene that is as bright and open as the Hill Valley scene. I use Babylon.js and Node.js. So babylon file format is preferred, but obj file format is also acceptable. Do you have any suggestions that where I can purchase scenes like the Hill Valley scene? Thank you very much! 

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it's licenced for sure, it's not something easy to reproduce, the question is : Can states in PhserJS be represented as different periodes of Hill Valley and what is the knowledge of a developper on the question to be sure to not be wrong like when you take a look at it there is no games, it means that it's before the second movie

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22 minutes ago, cxiao1 said:

@Milton I manually covered up all the signs in the Hill Valley scene that says anything related to the Back to the Future, even though the cover up don't look very pretty. Is it good enough? 

depends on if you want to monetize it, if so then no... universal might sue you or send you a cease and desist.  I would recommend just hiring an artist and doing it that way it would cost way less then leasing the rights to back to the future.
If you are looking to hire someone like I said you can PM me, and we can get you a product your happy with.

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