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new way for Loading FreeCamera Move Control


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i change melyon.ir loading and control

please share your look about that and load time thanks 




key arrows for move +  Mouse left key down front +Mouse right key down back

Mouse wheel look up and down

r : back to first position

click on menus see tablet 

we have english version too but not complete yet sorry about that


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So NICE!  So so so so so so soooooo NICE! 

I drooled all over my keyboard.  (caused by enthrallment and bedazzling)

Marry me, Naz!   :D

There's birds singing in the forum, now.  :)  Perhaps some window.onFocusLoss = birds.stopSinging() ...needed somewhere.

There is an automatic camera tilt-change when entering/exiting building.  Feels strange.... possibly annoying.

Perhaps cam ped-up/down as character steps up/down street curb. 

If mousewheel allowed very accurate tilt up/down... maybe auto-tilt is ok... because user can quickly correct it... it they didn't want the auto-tilt.  For me, currently, mousewheel tilt is rather "coarse"... imprecise... not fine-adjustable.

Indoor and outdoor mode, right?  *nod*  :)  That's why they used CinemaScope in the old westerns... to get the sprawling vistas ...of those grand outdoor scenes.  That's when DeltaKowboy rides-off into the sunset.  He COULD have had the girl... he certainly won her heart. 

But nope... just him and his trusty horse... Vorlon... riding off into the sunset.  Matt Dillon never hung his hat-up... at Kitty's place.

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