Babylon Highlight layer

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Awesome ! That'll make your work more consistent across devices, but also more "creative" approach with different texture sizes ;-) Can't wait to try it !

Here's another one for you : Would there be a possibility to make the HighlightLayer visible in the WaterMaterial ??? So far, water doesn't reflect the layer ... (haven't try mirror or other targets...) ... Anyway, thanks a lot in the name of the community for your work :-) It is much more power efficient than volumetricLight and very good looking =)


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This is a really useful addition. Is there a way to control the line more?

For example, if I want a thin but sharp glow around an object, how would I achieve this? Have a look at this reference image: 


It has a well defined outline that fades quickly. I'm finding it hard to replicate that with the highlight layers. The closest I can get is:

using this code:

 // Create Highlight layer and tweak settings
    h1 = new BABYLON.HighlightLayer("hg", scene, { alphaBlendingMode: 6, blurTextureSizeRatio : 0.5});
    h1.innerGlow = false;
    h1.outerGlow = true;
    h1.blurHorizontalSize = 0.2;
    h1.blurVerticalSize = 0.2;

It's not optimal, the blur is quite messy.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)


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Myjestic... a "weird way" would be to use THAT mesh as a particleSystem emitter.  Set the ps.emitbox and dir1/2 so that particles emit from all mesh surface.  Set a smoke-like texture, set maxLifetime real real low, and emit like hell.  :)  This will cause the mesh to have a fuzzy surface, but it will be seen/experienced TOWARD cam and on mesh back-side. 

So it's not a 2d border around the mesh... it's a 3D border/surface.  This will likely "diminish" the look-of-transparency... of the mesh (because particles spraying short distance in all directions from mesh... will give it a solid-looking surface, again.)

This is a strange method of "highlighting" or "selecting" a mesh, but, sometimes... who knows?  :)

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Hi again, M.  In another project...  we first made a func... called colorPulser()

var alpha = .5;
var colorPulser = function(mesh) {
    mesh.material.emissiveColor = new BABYLON.Color3(
    alpha -= .1;

Then later, in the renderLoop...

if (myPickedMesh) {

I think this method could work on an entire array of selectedMesh... and not slow things down.  And, it's a pretty nice effect... works fine with textured objects... might even work fine with semi-transparent mesh.  It's just another thing to try... to indicate that something is selected.  Off-topic for this thread, sorry readers.  Be well, gang.

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