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Sprite.Events.OnDown fired twice in Android Stock Browser


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Hello, I'm seeing an issue on android stock browser with my game where if I tap once on a sprite or button, the callback function gets triggered twice. Here's my code:

var it = this.game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'backing');it.alpha = 0;it.inputEnabled = true;it.input.useHandCursor = true;it.events.onInputDown.add(this.hitzoneClick.bind(this, 0));

The same thing happens with phaser buttons. Has anyone else experienced this?

Phaser v1.1.3

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It might be once from the mouse event and once from the touch event? (although that shouldn't happen as I ignore mouse events on Android, but you never know). What pointer is set to the Signal? (console.log it out and you'll see) as if it's 1 from mouse and 1 from touch you should see two different pointer IDs come in.

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Hey rich, I tried your suggestion. Only 1 pointer id is printed. I also tried disabling the mouse entirely but I get the same results.


I tried the "Click on an image" example in the stock browser to make sure that I wasn't doing something weird in my code and I confirmed that the alert also fired twice. Strangely enough, if I scroll a little bit downwards so that the image is halfway out of the screen and I tap on it, the alert is only fired once.  :wacko:

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You may be right. The timestamps reveal that the events occur within milliseconds of each other. Some further testing also showed that if I scroll to the bottom of the page and play, only one touch event is triggered. Anywhere else and 2 events are triggered. Is there a scaling mode that ensures that no scroll bar will be required on the page?

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I just bought my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8-inch and the stock browsers has that:


* Firing 2 mouse down events on tap, however the second can have arbitrary delay (0.1-2 seconds) and x and y don't always match exactly (close but not exact)!

* Holding down then releasing fires only 1 event, but during the holding the game freezes :)



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