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SpriteGen (Build Spritesheets out of Models!)


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Hey guys!

I had a little idea that sprouted in my mind, and of course couldn't get rid of it. The first thing I did? Oh, I made a logo. For some reason this is I what I do every time I start a project... gotta make a logo!!


Basically, SpriteGen generates spritesheets out of 3D models in babylonjs. Currently, all it does is allow you to load a scene (or load the test scene), fiddle with a couple camera controls, and generate a super simple sprite sheet... just all 4 sides.

I plan on adding animations, where you can generate frame by frame. :)

So anyways, here's the most basic possible version that was made in a couple hours.

Here's the scene:


And here's the output:



If you guys know how to enable anti-aliasing on screenshots that'd be sexy! I plan on making this little guy nice and tidy and pretty soon :3

It feels good to be home.

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Good to have you home, Josh.  Cool project!

Screenshots might not be anti-alias-able, for the same reason that edgesRendering is not included in screenshots.


Not sure, though.  Anti-aliasing might be a post-processing "layer" thing... just like edgesRendering.  Screen grabs might happen "up-stream" from that.


Our broken-picture screen-grab docs also agrees about anti-aliasing... but you probably saw that already.

Hopefully, smarter people than I... will comment soon.

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Hey hey!!! I did a cool update to screenshot :D

The new version supports antialiasing! Just give it a try ;)



Old version also still supported just in case:



BTW: Love the logo!

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Sorry about the super late reply!

I'm afraid I have moved on from the HTML5 scene for now, I may return. I'm currently working on a big project with Unity.

I can release the source files, if you want to see how it works, it's actually quite simple :)

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