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Showing Edges when Taking Screenshot


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Hello! This is my first post! :D

I need to take a screenshot of a scene where i have several cubes with edges displayed using the method "enableEdgesRendering" from "BABYLON.AbstractMesh".

To take the screenshot  i'm using the function BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshot but it seems to ignore the shader who creates the edges!

Here there's the simplest playgroud i could make:


Someone could Help??:)

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Welcome to the forum, Onit! 

Yep, I see the issue.  No solution yet... still thinking.


On the bottom of the screen are 4 'renderTargetTextures', and you can see that none of them... have the edgesRendering.  (uh oh!)

Now a look at the source code for createScreenShot... we see...


Yep, renderTargetTexture.  So the ACTUAL issue is... no edgesRendering seen in renderTargetTextures.

Or maybe a problem with the layerMasks in that demo.  Or... hmm.  *scratch scratch*

I don't have a solution, but progress is being made (I think).  Sorry for the slow replies.

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@adam, you're friggin' smokin!  Yeah, there's renderTargetTextures involved in water material (line 342 area of source)... and layerMasks involved in that issue, too.  Good memory, A-man.

@Deltakosh was the one who added the layerMask settings to my 4-RTT demo.  Before that, it looked like http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1WROZH#13

Problems in RTT #1... it couldn't view it's own view of itself.  (huh?)  All in all... interesting correlations here.  hmm.

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