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variable best practice


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I realised today, that I'd been working on my game much in the same way as the Phaser examples, and I had a question about best practice for variables.

As per the examples, I tend to declare varaibles at the top, which is fine apart from 2 things, firstly this makes them globally available, secondly it makes them a little difficult to access dynamically (I end up using window["dyn_var_"+n] etc.)

But, I have also add vars to the game function like this:

Game.Play = function (game) { 

  this.player1 = [];
  this.numBalls = 6;


which means they are accessible throughout the Play state.

But, I wondered if there was another way, a better way, or what was generally considered best (or maybe better) practice?


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variables that belong to a state should be used with the "this" keyword, making it relevant to that instance alone.

As for players, I would suggest using an array of players: players[0] and players[1] instead of this["players" + n]. Or better yet, save the position of the current player (if it's turn based):


this.currentPlayerIndex = 2;
this.players[this.currentPlayerIndex].start(); //or whatever...


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