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problem about pbrmaterial with Parallax


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The problem is you mixed specularColor (StandardMaterial) and reflectivityColor (PBRMaterial). This is fixed for the texture here.


Trying it, we figured PBR Parallax has been broken. the PR is in progress to fix it:


It should be in the PG tomorrow.


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You said " the rust display on a flat layer , not in 3d place", so you mean the rust is not displaced by the parallax algo? The rust is part of the albedo texture, right?

The reference picture you posted is using Parallax mapping or it does displacement mapping (recomputing the geometry) ?

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On 10/29/2016 at 10:34 AM, iisodd said:

thank you for you help, :),

but i find out some face of the cube's high light on these are not right .(the light is from the top, so i think the high light should on the top as well.

and here is only one light in the scene.

here is the PG showing the problem: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#10I31V#81


thanks :)

My two cents on that, I remember while working on the parallax there weren't clear definition for the bump/normal map of what color should be for R/G and sometimes I used map which were "inverted" compared to the way the engine were interpreting them. I used this tool to correct the files, it's pretty handy: http://cpetry.github.io/NormalMap-Online/

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7 minutes ago, Sebavan said:


This makes me remember of the different conventions:

x-axis = right
y-axis = up

x-axis = right
y-axis = down

x-axis = left
y-axis = down

and it seems the working setup is:

material.invertNormalMapX = true;


Have a good week end.


I've looked for this kind of info a lot when working on Parallax, so if there's no documentation about that (because I may have missed it), it would be extremely helpful to make/append one!

@Sebavan you're the man ! (not for the document stuff, well, you could be the man, but for the knowledge stuff!)

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Ok, I've found this: https://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/Advanced_Texturing and it's talking about the normals, @Sebavan is the information in this doc accurate?

Here's what's said:


Please note that by default, normal maps are considered to be following DirectX format. If you want to provide a different convention normal maps, you can just set material.invertNormalMapX = true or material.invertNormalMapY = true.


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