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How to access the default InteractionManager


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Hey Guys,

I wonder how to access the default initalized InteractionManager?
Referring to this thread: 

There seems to be a InteractionManager already initialized. I have the same problem like the threadstarter in the referred thread. My events are registered two times since I have initalized my own InteractionManager to change the defaultCursorStyle.

How can I access the interactionmanager created by PIXI?

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27 minutes ago, themoonrat said:

Something like


I believe :)

thank you! It is the right one.

Sadly it is not possible to set the defaultCursorStyle to "crosshair". It actually worked but there was not change to the cursor like when I use the same property value for a InteractionManager instance I defined by myself. Is there some kind of  "setup()" function I need to call so the changes will apply?

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9 hours ago, themoonrat said:

I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand.

renderer.plugins.interaction.defaultCursorStyle = 'crosshair';

Changes the cursor to the crosshair by default, which works here and you say works. So far so good! 

What is it you want to happen from here that isn't happening? 

hey there,

It works in regards of not duplicating event bindings. But it does NOT work in regards of rendering the new cursor style. It is still the same. As I debugged the property 'defaultCursorStyle' it said "crosshair" but it just did not rendered the crosshair cursor.

I posted the same issue on Stackoverflow in more readable way I think. If you still did not understand what my problem is you can take a look there: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/40279317/change-default-cursor-style-in-pixi-js


Thanks for your help so far



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