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Audio Quality degrades on HTML5 & Phaser


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We're using `AudioSprite`s for our character's dialog in a Phaser Game.  We're loading both `.mp3` and `.ogg` files to support the various browsers.  After loading the files on our state's `preload()` we decode them before playing.

We've got an issue on Safari where after about 20 minutes of gameplay, the audio begins to slow down and cut-off.  The cut-off makes sense as the audio sprite is only set to play for a certain amount of time, but I've no idea why the audio would slow down.

The issue on Chrome is similar, except the audio becomes filled with static.

The audio sprites are not very big, the VO is 18MB, the SFX is 209kB, and the background music is 2.1MB.

Thoughts on what is wrong and/or how to go about debugging this?

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