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setTexture doesn't always use preloaded images?


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I am loading individual texture images using "new PIXI.AssetLoader"


Then later when a user clicks on an image i am changing the image using:



var textureName = PIXI.Texture.fromImage ('images/img.png']);




However the "preloaded" image isn't always displaying, and needs to load again...


Am I doing something wrong?



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`PIXI.Texture.fromImage ('images/img.png');` will load the image, but it is asynchronous, the image has to load.
Try this:

var tx = PIXI.Texture.fromImage ('images/img.png');if(tx.baseTexture.hasLoaded) {    //you can use the image immediately, it was cached} else {    //you have to wait for it to load    tx.on('update', function() {        //now you can use it    });}

If the image was preloaded, the first code block will execute (so if you are sure you preloaded you don't need this if-else block). If you are saying that you preloaded, but fromImage isn't working the way you use it above, I would need an example page because that is exactly how it should work (it should synchronously pull from the cache if preloaded).

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