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Introductions :)


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Since I didn't see an Introduction area of the forum, I figured I would make one by saying:

Hello! =)

I am new to the forum, and would like to hear about what everybody is up to!


My Introduction:

I am popcrate, I've always had a passion for making games.  As a kid, I used to make board games (monopoly clones and other eccentric/indescribable games)  and learned how to program some simple things in the BASIC language.  As I grew up I taught myself some Java by reading the on-line documentation.  Now I'm learning more general programming languages to work on fundamentals, and want to learn HTML 5 to make some games!

My favorite types of games are anything mmo and interactive, with a preference toward rpgs.  I loved the zelda games, however I always enjoy a good storyline and/or puzzle :)  so I've dabbled with games like Myst and Zork in the past.  

I'm on the hunt for some good resources to reacquaint myself into the HTML world, or any tips/tricks to stay developing :) 

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"Creates an Intro thread... doesn't post an intro..."
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