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[SOLVED] Strange results from Matrices


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When trying to achieve a task involving matrices I found I did not get the expected results on my mesh. Exploring further and checking out values using using the console I found I was getting integers not floating point values when displaying individual elements of a matrix. This is the same in Firefox and Chrome. If it is not some sort of console error then the use of individual elements for calculations within BJS could not be right (but BJS works?).

Here is a PG example that shows what I mean http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1ST43U#13

After the matrix is computed the first four elements of the matrix are displayed, but always show as 1, 0, 0, 0

The matrix is displaced and the values in this matrix are floats as you would expect.

However cloning the matrix (and matrix.clone() accesses individual matrix elements) and displaying the clone results in displaying the clone as the identity matrix.

I have tries BJS2.3 and BJS2.4 and the results are the same.

Everything I have read on Float32Array seems to suggest that accessing individual elements of such a matrix using array notation, eg [ ] should work

An image of such a set of results is shown below.



What is happening?


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