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[SOLVED] - Performance Of Many scene.registerBeforeRender


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Is there a performance impact of calling MANY 'scene.registerBeforeRender' for each scene component could be hundreds OR should there be ONE BIG scene.registerBeforeRender

and i maintain my own array of scene components i want to 'tick' along and loop thru my array calling 'myobject.update'

i would much rather not have to maintain an array of scene components for ticking and simple call: scene.registerBeforeRender(myobject.update) and scene.unregisterBeforeRender(myobject.update) for each and every scene component i am going to have???

Thanks for the info :)


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It's useful to remember that Babylon does a lot of work - matrix multiplications, vertex uploads, etc. - for every mesh in your scene, every frame. Basically the only time you need to consider performance is when your code starts doing a comparable amount of work. Anything else is effectively free, compared to the cost of rendering 3D objects.

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