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Multi Material not rendering properly on iOS only


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Hi Everybody!

I'm not sure if this is a bug or if there is an issue with my materials, but for some reason meshes with multiple materials aren't rendering properly on iOS. For a split second while the mesh is loading, I can see each material take up the correct set of vertices, but then once its done loading, the last material to load takes over the entire mesh. We are using the latest version of babylon.js

Any input would be greatly appreciated. 

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I know that Apple reads this forum, and I have to say that IOS bites. I spend half of my time just creating builds for IOS, where browsers on most EVERY other OS work consistantly. I wish IOS would work with the standards EVERY other OS keeps consistant. Time is money - but Apple doesn't seem to care at all about this, which they are losing thier share of the market daily due to support from developers such as myself - and I have a 20 year history with Apple - so it saddens me to see them wiggle themselves out of the market. So, Apple - you want to respond? How about supporting the standards everyone else does? As an example, try and build a color picker on IOS - it's a nightmare - whereas, they could support standards that already exist. 

I expect a belligerent answer, from Apple, if one comes at all. 


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@dbawel, we've had loads of issues with Apple/iOS and are considering dropping support for it, suggesting users should download Chrome for iOS and use it instead.

I think the reason Apple is doing this is to discourage development of web (read FREE) apps and push everyone into their Crapp Store. Pathetic indeed, but it looks like with Steve Jobbs gone, Apple have lost the plot entirely. 

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Was wondering if these iOS problems got worse / better / or the same with iOS 10?  Am still on 9 (lost password, but finally got around to resetting today).  I need to go to 10 eventually for new stuff like (WebGL 2 or ASTC textures exposed to WebGL).

BTW, since yesterday I have starting supporting iOS (actually everything) with compressed textures.  The A5 SoC and up support PVRTC textures.  A8 and up also support ASTC.  ASTC has only been community approved for WebGL since, so probably not exposed yet.

Am in the process of making documentation, testing with Mansion demo by writing shell script to automate creating all 5 versions of each image file in a directory.  Here is my test scene, where BJS selects the appropriate compressed texture available for the hardware / browser.

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