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Ray, Beam and Lightning Effects


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For those of us who played games quite a bit (most of us, no doubt), we've seen plenty of (chain) lightning effects (example screenshot in the spoilers). Now, even though I've seen such effects plenty of times, I wouldn't know where to start to make such a thing.

My question is: how would something like this be accomplished in PixiJS? I'd prefer a way without having to rely on WebGL, if at all possible, though, but WebGL-specific answers are welcome too, of course.


Example screenshot


(P.s. sorry if this image is hogging someone's bandwidth... I could not find a spoiler tag or something similar)



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Thanks for the answer!

I looked at the example, and while reading through the code, an idea struck me (like lightning, lol). I used a Sprite containing multiple TilingSprites as segments, and made the segments go from the previous end to a bit of a random point. Except for the last one, that went to the expected destination.

Here is a screenshot of it:



And yes, it's RPG Maker MV, but since it uses PixiJS and the answer wasn't specific to RPG Maker, I posted it here.

But regardless, thanks for the answer, matey!



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