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Is a game like this possible in Babylon?


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I'm kind of not feeling the vibe to create my 2d game anymore :( 

And plus, I really just found out how popular 3d models are especially after looking at cgtrader :P


Anyways, I am pretty versed with Blender and found an artist who sells a lot of character models that have tons of animations (idle, walk, run, hit, die, etc) (https://www.cgtrader.com/maxbugor). I'm just curious if Babylon would be okay to use these fbx files (I assume I need to load them in Blender or whatever, then export them to Babylon?)

Here is the type of game:

Obviously not exactly like that as I would need a large team. But I'm just saying like moving around in a skybox, using animations and hitting mobs, etc. With some decent lightning.  

Maybe there is an example out already for this type of game that I can learn from?  Thanks in advance!





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No OBJ doesn't pass animation. Use FBX and import the animation into Blender (or whatever) and then import OBJ and re-attach the animation to your geometry, However, once you export from Blender (the best method to a .babylon file) all info will be exported, however I like to do my texturing and shading BJS.


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Using the blender since it can export .babylon file note not much detail on how export that I yet looked. You can check out their GitHub where there are tools for exporting and converting files. You can export the whole scene but you can select export mesh only or skeleton mesh with animation. You need to toggle hide mesh or bones to export what you wanted.

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On 2016-11-28 at 7:18 PM, rgalindox said:

can you import more than one .babylon file? I thought the .babylon file is like as full scene.

@rgalindox : Hi and welcome to the forum. You can load multiple .babylon files using "SceneLoader.Append".

See a simple example by @JCPalmer :

I'm not sure if there is a limit  - either theoretical or practical - but you may want to consider combining some of those 54 files before writing out 54 "Append" statements :o

If you look at my "Man From Babylon" demo it uses 2 "Appends" to create the scene.

cheers, gryff :)


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Thanks for the replies. I'll test the Append method.

Is any of you having success importing FBX or OBJ objects to BabylonJS? I should have the objects on the scene (50 as I informed above) and then instantiate some of them several times.

I can convert from FBX to OBJ, but reading some forums it seems it is not working well, but if you can have a link or steps to do it correctly I'll appreciate it a lot!



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