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[Paid] [Urgent] Need HTML5 Phaser Developer

UU Games

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Game Description: The game should be stylistically based on the game Qbert as our brand uses the same cube like shapes. We are looking for the game to be web based, It would need to be developed on a platform that use a language such as HTML5 and JavaScript, storing top scorers in some way. We are looking for it to work on; laptops, tablets and mobile devices so the game should be able to scale accordingly as the game works via mouse, keyboard and touch.


You can check out this game at this link:  http://game.switch.je/  (Built in Phaser).


Files Download Link: https://dw3i9sxi97owk.cloudfront.net/uploads/stream/2016/11/1437233/25143122/html.zip


List of Tasks:

  1. 2 staff profile/users will be added - images will be supplied (Please Note: The characters would just be added in the existed characters listed)


  1. Enemy characters updating - images will be supplied (More enemies will be added so that we have more options for these enemies)

  1. LeaderBoard Section created. May have to add database for this section. This section will show Top 10 or 20 best scores with their names, scores and characters which they have chosen initially.


  1. Form submission (Name and Email) by the players. This information will be integrated with Hubspot so that new profile will be added on Hubspot when users will fill this form. Also, we will have to add a note too that this user is coming from that form which is shown on the game http://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/forms/submit_form


Time Deadline:  8th December, 2016


Please let me know if you will have any further questions. You can directly contact me via Skype or email ([email protected]). If you have understood all these requirements then please share your price quote and timeline for this project. We will then make contract and proceed further.

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