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Perplexus Shadow Open WebGL - PROJECT


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First release of full game 
Perplexus Shadow Open 
Where everybody could buil its own perplexus and upload and than everybody could play it (on all web browsers with webgl) 
Also on phones android and iphones
Added Physics "Physics step" where 10 or 15 works as fast as 50 on desktop with nvidia 960 ...
you can continue playing on check points on which you go through ...

or update

I will release soon vidows how to build your own perplexus like lego ...and videos how to play each level from start to end.

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Good player experience. (set full screen at the begining in settings). Each playing is unique. You have to learn how to play and set camera between playing with mouse pointer or with tap on phone or tablet. On phone you can play with left hand camera settings and with right hand perplexus rotation on right joystick. (still have to improve some things....)

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TRY LEVEL 6 OR LEVEL 8. (it's not easy to finish it around 20 minutes).
Level 6 have one or two problems where ball fall through mesh, but anybody can continue at any checkpoint you go through. If you got good memory where checkpoint are you can finish level earlier.
Game is free.

Stil don't know what is going on with cannon.js or mesh collider sowehere in model. Blender file is OK, don't know if exporter is problem or cannon.js mesh collision. But problem is alway on same spots in model.
So I think mesh collision should be ok. Maybe is problem in blender-exporter-for-babylon.

can you make me a favor and Share it to your facebook freinds.



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  • Anonymous
  • online
  • 3 Level = Tested




OK this level have red spots where ball always fall through. 

How is this possible? Why happens this? Can anybody help me here? 

Is this mesh collision problem or exporter from blender to  .babylon file?

My friend try same model with unity. He load .blender file and he have not problems on this red spots with ball (ball fall through problem).
I would like to create around 50 models but if babylon is not reliable maybe I should move to unity.

I really like babylon because (I love WebGL), but something is not reliable. (or mesh collision or blender-babylon exporter).

I try to add box colliders (as patches) around this spots and set those boxes as child of perplexus. Boxes are rotating ok with perplexus, but colliders does not work!

I attached blender perplexus Model. If you know blender you can see final model.  Layer 11   (Layer 1 has primitive components)


If anybody have knowladge how to create algorithm to build perplexus form components (layer 1 attached .blender file) , please contact me.




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Hi, I played the game and it's cool, and very easy to get hooked :D

Had a quick look at the "too fast rolling ball" problem and it seems like it needs to be fixed in Babylon.js, specifically in the CannonJSPlugin. If you change this line so "delta * 1000" becomes just "delta" it should run at the same speed on all platforms (cannon.js uses time in seconds, but the number passed seems to be in milliseconds). /cc @RaananW


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hi I have one question

Imagine if I build a big perplexus (with a lot of vertices, or maybe someday infinit size (this are now just dreams....)
How can/could I make physics more faster and reliable on big perplexus model. Mesh-Sphere relation physics is not stable if I create big perplexus. For now I can surround perplexus with boxes (box colliders vs sphere collider). This approach is more stable than Mesh-Sphere collision relation.
Or is possible to adapt thing so that sphre coliision will calculate collision of perplexus just around ball/sphere. Should I adapt Mesh collider of perplexus with something simpler easier alternative???

If you look closer web game allows to update any number of models. And than every player get bigger list of perplexus models.
This is home of game: https://ajna4taiga.no-ip.org/PerplexusShadowOpen/Home.html

and This is Update new perplexus page: https://ajna4taiga.no-ip.org/PerplexusShadowOpen/upload/Upload.jsp

For each time to start update it must be reopened this page. (I have still bug here, but I fix it and did not update new ver yet..)

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@Deltakosh awesome :)

@ian What problems do you get with a large perplexus? Instability?

The trimesh in Cannon.js should be able to handle quite large trimeshes, but if you load an indefinitely large model, it will use a lot of memory... What you usually do in games is removing things that are not near the player. If you can split your model into pieces and activate physics on the ones near the player only, you should be good!

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