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Freelance 2D Artist: Game Art, Illustration, Graphic Design


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Art Direction // Game Art // Illustration // Graphic Design // Animation // Concept Art // Promotional Graphics // Pixel Art // Photoshop // Illustrator

If you would like a quote or have any questions about my work or me please get in touch at [email protected]

"I'm just gonna get right to the point, Rob does an outstanding job of delivering what you want, even if you didn't even know it. He's always responsive in answering any and all your questions. As for the quality of the art, if you're looking for the best then look no further. The only problem I can say that I had with Rob is that his work is too good, so good I took forever just trying to pick one. Definitely worth every penny."
- JS Games, Shift

"Working with Rob was a fantastic experience! I had previously not worked with many artists remotely and wasn't sure what to expect, but Rob's professional approach to the project, from defining clear contracts, conception, vertical slices, feedback integration, and completion, was more than I could have asked for and ensured that risk was minimal and expectations were managed for us both. Stylistically Rob has a big range and was able to come up with something truly unique for Startup Freak. I definitely plan to work with him again in the future!"/i]
- Poya Manouchehri, Startup Freak

"Rob is an amazingly talented pixel artist capable of outputting a great amount of high quality work in a limited time, and at a very reasonable price. I hope to work with him again in the future."
- Adam DeLease, The Narrator Is A D**k

"Rob was somehow able to make exactly what I wanted when I didn't know what I wanted. All I had to say was 'I want a cool logo for my game' and he gave me multiple options for potential directions to help me whittle it down to a specific design. Rob is a professional and easy to work with, I'd definitely work with him again."
- Austin Sojka, Tiles

"I've known Rob for the better half of a year now and it has been a privilege working with him. He designed the whole first stage for our game as well as a big part of the character sprites. He did and impeccable job and I am looking forward to working with him in the future."
- CCD Interactive, Delusional

"Rob created all the graphics for my game ranging from concept art to the character/scenery/item art to effects and UI. He also created my logo/icon and promo graphics! A fantastic artist and extremely easy to work with."
- Crazy and Coding, Sages Sky

"The quality of Rob's work was excellent, he fully understood the graphics the game required , and completed them with minimal direction. He also added detail that it wouldn't have occurred me to ask for. I enjoyed the process and the end result surpassed my expectations. I hope to work with him again soon."
- Play Nicely, EXIT ISOL8

"I challenged Rob with the task of capturing complex expressive animations with only two colours and a small pixel budget. It was a task several other artists had failed at, but Rob was able to not only meet but exceed my expectations. He took instructions on board, added his own flair and was able to deliver a fantastic outcome for a great price."
- JNA Mobile, Tenguru


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Working on a mobile game? I can help it stand out. www.hayes2d.com

Don't hit the walls: Reviewed by Pocket Gamer - http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/iPad/don't+hit+the+walls/news.asp?c=71949

Sages Sky: Reviewed by Touch Arcade - http://toucharcade.com/2015/10/06/sages-sky-review/

Thumb Space: Featured on the App Store in over 100 countries

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Just a quick one to say that I'm now taking on work for the new year!
If your project needs a new art direction that will help get it noticed or if you need assets completing in an established style please get in touch. 
I am able to work with art direction, illustration, UI design, graphic design, concept art, gameplay assets, animation and much more.
If you would like a quote or have any questions my email is [email protected]
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