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Rotate Clone around a point


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Hello, hello, good day to you sirs and mams, I'm a newb, i'm a newb. I'll try and keep it simple and straight forward, at a minimum my playground is (simple and straight forward).

when I search for pivot, three options seem to come up, along with confusion:

1. the setPivotMatrix method

2. create a mesh where you want your pivot point to be and parent to it

3. world this or that and setting world

so, i've experimented with OPTION 1, setPivotMatrix, and i can't find the connection between this and a pivot point, I assume this is a mathematicians version of pivot as opposed to a physicists pivot, if someone could please describe in a sentence what setPivotMatrix is, it would be greatly appreciated. On the other hand if it could be shown in a simple playground that this has something to do with a "pivot" that to would be greatly appreciated. Before you say that's easy and show me a sphere rotating around another sphere where the pivot is the one rotating please read:

from wikipedia:

"Pivot may refer to:

  • Pivot, the point of rotation in a lever system
  • More generally, the center point of any rotational system
  • Pivot joint, a kind of joint between bones in the body
  • Pivot turn, a dance move"


for OPTION 2 parenting it works great with a single mesh you want to rotate around a point, but will it work with clones and rotating each clone another Math.PI/6? here is my playground: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#147HRL#5


OPTION 3 is beyond me


thank you for looking reading thinking, maybe even writing

have a lovely day, or if night, then sweet dreams

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not to obfuscate, maybe don't take this in to consideration for the above, but..

i have been using a work around based on my mesh is actually imported from 3ds max

i create a sphere centered on 0,0,0

convert to editable poly

detach a poly

bevel that poly

invert select then delete

the extrude poly

select border


turbosmooth x3 iterattions


now when i export, what used to be a face of a sphere with 0,0,0 center is now a sphere still with 0,0,0 center but with a position where the surface of the original sphere was located

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@adam it says abow is responsible for this i tried @abow but no option comes up. is there a demo of the setPivotPoint, getPivotPoint, getAbsolutePivotPoint that is a little more basic?

like the absolute minimum requirements to use the method.

@wingnut have you used this? you seem to have a way with words.

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