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Implement enw version of phaser


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i have a problem with implementation new version of Phaser.

I downloaded zip from link : https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser

And them copy file Phaser.js to my serwer.

When i run game i have a wrong:

ReferenceError: PIXI is not defined


TypeError: Phaser is undefined


When i try to copy Phaser.js from version v3 i have a wrong:
TypeError: Phaser.Game is not a constructor


Later version working fine, but i try to test new version. Can anyone help?


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Maybe You've right, so i stay on older version.

I'm waiting for new version beccause i hope about will be better generation map :)
Now bigger maps with some layers are  a little lagging when camera move.

Maybe someone have a fixes to better generation map when the camera move?

Now i am using Phaser.Graphis to generate game, that give a lot on lower PC's and on layers i disabled:

    this.backgroundlayer.renderSettings.enableScrollDelta = false;


can i do something else?

Thanks for answer :)

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