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Any way to track user actions?


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I wrote a babylon.js scene and played it on a Google Pixel with a Daydream headset using a Cordova wrapper.  I'm stuck now because my scene actually consists of a few different scenes through which the user needs to click.  Is there any way I can recognize user actions in my script?  The Daydream controller is of course very new and so there's no Cordova plugin for it (nor is there for the Gear VR).  I tried to register an onPickTrigger action but that doesn't work - and not even a simple global canvas.onclick event gets noticed.  Is it just not possible in HTML5 VR apps to register user actions or am I missing something obvious?

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Hi @mathias_strasser, welcome to the forum.

  Would you have a moment to try a canvas.parentNode.onClick event?  In the playground, the canvas container is ID: canvasZone.

I'm not experienced in the Daydream Controller, but, JS events is JS events. 

Anyway, here is a little helper doc for Daydream Controller events.  https://developers.google.com/vr/unity/controller-basics

It looks like the Daydream Controller uses some unique event names.  Perhaps try adding event listeners for those unique names?


The controller reports the following button properties:

  • ClickButton: True if the Click button (a touchpad click) is currently being pressed.

  • ClickButtonDown: True for 1 frame after user starts pressing the Click button.

  • ClickButtonUp: True for 1 frame after user stops pressing the Click button.

  • AppButton: True if the App button is currently being pressed.

  • AppButtonDown: True for 1 frame after user starts pressing the App button.

  • AppButtonUp: True for 1 frame after user stops pressing the App button.


I'm not sure HOW BJS is going to proceed in dealing-with the 10,000 new controllers that will be invented in the near future.  I once proposed that all user inputs enter BJS land through an "Inputs ActionManager" class, but that idea was met with some less-than-optimal enthusiasm.  :)  (That is common for me... I am a professional at thinking-up half-baked/ridiculous ideas.)  heh

Anyway, perhaps others will comment with more info.  Don't expect miracles, because you are riding WAY UP on the "bleeding edge".  :)  Be well, welcome again.


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